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Shannon Boat Hire Travel Guide - Jamestown

It would be hard to believe that the small sleepy village of Jamestown was once a fortified town, but the remains of the stone entrance to the town are still intact, and easy to see. Just outside the town is a weir, although the naviable limit of the Shannon is at Jamestown Bridge. If you were to continue past the bridge and down the weir, you would come to Drumsna. Both of these picturesque villages were on a loop in the Shannon, which was bypassed by the Jamestown canal in the late eighteenth century.


A charter was granted by King James I to fortify the town, and a six metre high, two metre thick wall was erected around the town. There was also a castle in the town, but despite all the fortifications the town changed hands many times.

There are still many remnants of the fortifications around the little village, the most obvious of which is the gateway to the town. The top of the archway was removed to allow heavy goods vehicle access, but the town has since been bypassed, and there's hope that the original archway will be replaced.

Angling Information

Lowfield lake This lake is connected to Carlton Lake by a small strech of river. Both are rich waters with for bream, hybrids, roach, rudd and tench.

Tully Lake is 45 acres with limited stands. Good access make this a very popular venue, with bream, hybrids, roach, rudd and tench.

Aduff Lake is a renowned tench water with six platforms, also good for bream amd roach.

Places of Interest

The Loop of the Shannon provided an easily defensible strategic point, surrounded on three sides by fast-flowing water. A five metre high and thirty metre wide earthenwork bank known as 'The Dun' was constructed to protect the remaining entry point. Parts of this bank can still be traced if you search carefully.

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The Remains of the arch that was the gates to the once fortified town of Jamestown. Boats moored at the quayside at Jamestown.
A view of the river from the remains of the Franciscan Monastery. The old famine workhouse at Jamestown
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