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Shannon River represent all of the major cruiser hire companies on the Shannon River in Ireland. It's the same price to book through us as it is to book direct and we offer all of the latest discounts and impartial advice on the cruisers and places to visit on the Shannon River. Below is information on Riversdale Barge Holidays. You can compare these boats on our boat hire page or click on the boats to the right to make an enquiry


A shared transfer service is available from Dublin or Belfast airports on Saturdays only and costs €60 per person for a round trip (airport-marina-airport). The minimum charge for a return transfer is €130 (if just one person is taking the trip). A private transfer for up to six persons is available for €240 one-way.

Terms and Conditions

Bookings. A Deposit of 33.33% of the total hiring fee is required at the time of booking. A barge is booked only when the signed completed booking form together with the deposit has reached the owner and receipt and hire invoice has been dispatched to the hirer.

Balance of Hire Fees . Must be received 4 weeks before commencement date. Should the hirer be unable to take over the barge he must notify the owner immediately in writing, when every effort will be made to re?let the craft at a charge of 5% of the hire fee. If the owner is unable to re?let, the hirer remains responsible for the balance.

Refundable deposit for fuel and damage. A refundable deposit of £350 cash or bank draft, must be paid by the hirer before the commencement of the cruise. If no loss or damage has occurred to the barge, contents or other parties, the deposit will be refunded in full. In the event of any occurrences the owner reserves the right to withhold payment less cost of fuel used

Hire Periods Craft may normally be booked only as stated in our current booking form. Time of taking possession (subject to unavoidable delays) is normally between 15.00hrs and 19.00hrs. Where it is not possible for the hirer to take over during these hours special arrangements can be made by the owner to accommodate the hirer, provided that these are arranged beforehand.

Return of barges. : Barges must be returned to base and handed over in a clean condition throughout to the owner by 10.00 hrs on the last day of the cruise or as otherwise arranged and confirmed in writing by the owner. Failure to comply with this condition will involve an additional charge equal to twice the daily rate for the craft in question and payment to the owner for any further loss sustained.

Insurance. The barge and its equipment are insured by the owner at his expense against accidental loss or damage. The hirer is however, liable for the first (a) £350 in respect of all craft or all claims other than those occasioned by negligence on the part of the owner. Further legal liabilities to third parties of the hirer and or the owner are covered up to a limit of €1m for any one accident or series of accidents arising from the same event. The hirers responsible for damage or legal liability arising out of wilful and deliberate acts on his part A cash deposit of (b) £350 in respect of all craft, is required on embarkation which is refundable within one week of the completion of the cruise, if no loss or damage for which the hirer is liable occurred to the barge or any of the equipment and the barge has not been involved in an accident. No replacement of equipment can be accepted unless similar to the articles damaged or lost. Members of the party must not exceed the number of persons listed on the booking form and never be less than two. Cars, suitcases and other personal property may be left at Riversdale Barge Holidays but at Hirers risk.

Repairs and Service . All repairs and service are the responsibility of the owner. unless made necessary by the negligence of or misuse of the barge or any part of its equipment by the hirer or any member of his party any person invited on the barge by him. The owner must be notified immediately by telephone (Ballinamore 071 96 44122) If any repairs become necessary and they must not be put into the hands of other firms without authority.

Delays and restriction of cruising waters .There shall be no liability on the owners behalf for any loss of time or expense arising from any cause whatsoever. Every precaution is taken to ensure that craft are in serviceable condition but in the event of a breakdown the hirer should telephone the owner which immediate steps will be taken to effect repairs. No refund will be made for reasonable delays for repairs. The owner cannot be held responsible for delays or restriction of cruising waters arising form obstruction, repairs or damage to navigational works, floods, ice etc. and reserves the right to restrict the cruising waters if unusual or hazardous conditions prevail. Under no circumstances may the craft be taken below Lanesboro bridge on the Shannon or above Enniskillen on the Erne. Insurance Policies are not valid beyond these limits. Craft are not permitted to cruise after dark.

If owing to circumstances beyond the control of the owner the craft booked is not available every effort will be made to supply a similar craft. Should this prove impossible the deposit paid will be refunded but the hirer will have no claim on any account against the owner. Accident The hirer is responsible to the owner for the safe navigation of the barge and proper use of the barge and its equipment. In the event of a mishap the hirer must immediately furnish the owner with full particulars and names and addresses of witnesses together with names of owner, hirer and craft if another craft is involved.

The owner retains the right to refuse . to hand over the craft to, or to terminate the cruise of any hirer who is not considered a suitable person to take charge.

Descriptions. Every effort is made to ensure that descriptions of Boating Holidays are accurate but the Company cannot accept any responsibility for inaccuracies which may exist in its literature or in that of travel agents. Minor variations exist in Craft of the same type class. The Company reserve the right to change the layout of the Craft and equipment without notice.

Experience Previous experience is not necessary but must be stated at time of booking craft. However, in the interests of safety of the hirer, the owner reserves the right to restrict the cruising range of the craft hired to persons who in the owners opinion have insufficient experience to navigate the Erne Or Shannon. No financial adjustment will be made in any of these circumstances.

No craft may undertake towing without the written consent of the owner, except in case of emergency

The Owner retains the right to recover any craft which may appear to have been abandoned by the hirer even should he not have done so.

Company Information

The reconstruction and re-opening of the old Ballinamore-Ballyconnell canal has created a new cruising concept. It has opened up for exploration and enjoyment a hitherto undiscovered region of great natural beauty, a wide variety of cruising waters, scenery, wildlife and activity.

The waterway is unique in that it includes within its length stretched of still-water canal, canalised river and a series of scenic lakes. The waterway crosses the watershed between the upper reaches of the Shannon and the Erne - thus creating a cruising paradise where little towns and pubs lie alongside the water, whre the pace of living is relaxed, friendly and intimate.

Our Barges
Our barges are a modification of the traditional narrowboat. The old narrowboat was restricted in width by the narrowness of the old industrial canals.

Our version has been widened to ten feet (3.1M). This extra width, coupled with the level floor of a barge, gives greater living space and comfort to the holidaymaker. It also provide the space for two carpeted independent bedrooms with the third bedroom in the living area being private at night. A seventh berth is available on the Legend and Legend De Luxe barges. Other features include gas fired radiator central heating, bathroom with bath shower, flush toilet with modern sewage disposal, smart modern galley area, wood-burning stove and radio cassette player.

The modern construction and the wood panelling of our barges coupled with the very effective heating makes for a really cosy atmosphere which is much appreciated during mid and low season. The engine is simple to operate, economical and well insulated for quiet running. You will be given a short course in navigation and manoeuvring the barge, including passage through a lock (all of which are push-button operated)

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